A New Name, A New Image (Sorta)

To be honest I haven’t been happy with my blogs name for a while now. Manga Addict Alice felt like a catchy and fitting title when I started out last year, but like so many blog names, it also became a little restrictive when it comes to the kind of content you want to post. As in it suggested that this blog exclusively posts manga reviews which, admittedly, it really kind of doesn’t.

As a matter of fact, I enjoy reading a pretty eclectic range of books, from non-fiction to manga to contemporary fiction. And not just books, but TV Shows, Anime and Movies are other passions of mine, and media which I hope to post more reviews for in the future of this blog. As such, after much-prolonged head-scratching culminating in a moment of (mildly) drunk inspiration, I’ve finally settled on renaming this blog My Nerdy Bookshelf. I think it fits much better with the feel of what I am trying to do with this blog and provides it with the larger content range I’ve been so desperately hankering after.

In the spirit of completing this (rather underwhelming) transformation, I’ve also been tweaking some of the site design, and have finally put up a link to my twitter on the title page, so do check it out if the mood takes you.

Otherwise, until next time, adios!

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Review of the Week: The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs


I can’t really remember when my obsession with dinosaurs began. It doesn’t have a profound story behind it either; I was never inspired by some life-changing science book or awe-inspiring trip to London’s Natural History Museum. Though tiny-me’s first ever trip there pretty damn awesome I must admit, even if all I have now are some hazy memories of animatronic T-Rex’s, the gigantic skeleton of Dippy the Diplodocus – now sadly retired from his place in the great hall  – and choking on a bread roll on the steps of the museum. The latter probably the least profound moment of the trip but unfortunately the most memorable, and you’ll probably be thankful to know that I’ve never attempted to jam a whole cheese roll down my throat since. But enough about that.

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I Arise

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So as you guys may have noticed I’ve not been here for a while. And by ‘a while’ I mean it’s been almost an entire year since my last post. Yikes.

So what have I been doing during this embarrassing year-long absence? Mostly wading my way through a pretty intense second year of my Japanese degree and, admittedly, dipping my toes into a couple of other (brief) blogging ventures. Why I felt the need to try out some alternative blogging ventures is a topic I may go in to later, but to cut a long story short I’ve really missed this blog and I’m glad to be back.

And with my return to the wonderful world of WordPress comes some possible changes to this blog over the coming weeks. I’ve never been 100% satisfied with this blogs name, so I might possibly be tweaking it sometime soon, and I hope to improve the design a little at some point too. But I should have a couple of new posts coming up fairly soon however, and look forward to seeing you guys then!

My Overwatch Addiction and Other Calamities

So I was checking the date of my last blog post, only to realise that it I’ve not actually added any content for two weeks. Two whole weeks? Really?! Yikes.

That said I’ve had a lot on recently, though admittedly not all of it was productive. But in my defense it has included some urgent revision (my Japanese has slowly slipped away over the holidays and I’m silently screaming), as well as adult stuff like moving, cleaning, cooking and just generally imitating a responsible human being.

But at the exact same time my (wisely spent) time has also involved:

  • Binge-watching Hinamatsuri (not at all a bad decision, I have no regrets)
  • Binge-reading The Royal Tutor (also not a bad decision, definitely no regrets there either)
  • Spending an entire morning trying to climb through the window of my second-floor room, after accidentally locking myself out with no keys, no phone and not even any shoes (lot’s of regrets there – it was extremely stressful, nearly resulted in me falling and did result in me skinning my knee, please do not copy my idiotic example)

And as I mentioned in the title, yes, I am officially addicted to Overwatch. I started playing this game earlier this week at a friend’s recommendation and now I can’t stop. This game is too fun, too goofy and just too damn addictive. They have cursed me, and I welcome this curse with open arms.

I am in hell and I love it.

Anywhoo I should hopefully have so more reviews popping up soon, especially as I am slowly getting through the watch-list I mentioned in my previous post. But with uni starting again next week, my posts are probably going to be less frequent from now on.


What regrettable choices have you guys made this week? Do let me know in the comments; it makes me feel better!

Otherwise, see you next time!

Alice’s Anime To-Watch List (+ Apologies)

Hey guys, apologies for the lack of posts last week! There was a number of reasons for this:

  • I’ve been cramming in some final hours of part-time work before I move back to the city
  • I’ve spent the weekend in Leicester attending the 2018 Pride celebrations, and also trying to visit the grave of a certain king who was discovered under a parking lot five years ago. The former of which was a lot of fun, but the latter I unfortunately never managed to do (who’d have thought they close cathedrals for service on a sunday?).
  • My Japanese has been slowly slipping away over the summer and I really, really, really need to revise.
  • I’ve currently hooked on Ni no Kuni 2 (this game is adorable!).

But if I’m completely honest, I’ve basically just been being lazy.



But in any case here I am, returned from my travels and making a stab at producing more content (sorta). So to get out of my lazy rut – and put off more time when I really should be packing or revising – I though I’d go through the anime that is currently on my to-watch list.

I’ve seen lots of great recommendations popping up on other blogs in the month I’ve been knocking about here and it’s got me rather excited. And that’s not to mention all the other stuff I’ve been curious about for a while, but never actually got round to checking out for myself.

So with no further ado here are the anime I’m most excited to check out in the coming months!

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Frau Faust: Kore Yamazaki’s Hidden Gem


For my first manga review I want to discuss a relatively unknown series I’ve been besotted with for a while now. The work of The Ancient Magus Bride mangaka Kore Yamazaki, Frau Faust reimagines an old legend with a curious twist.

When book-thief Marion is taken under the wing of a strange, charismatic traveller named Johanna Faust, he quickly learns he’s got involved with more than he bargained for. For Johanna is none other than Dr Faust; a legendary scholar who made a deal with the devil 100 years ago. Originally rumoured to have died, Faust is in fact alive and well, pursued by the church and hunting for the scattered body parts of her demon Mephisto. Intrigued by her quest and with a burning desire to learn, Marion convinces a reluctant Faust to make him her student, a decision that will lead him down a dark and dangerous path.

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The Weeb Playlist: Kalafina

In the spirit of mixing things up I thought I’d gush about a band I’m a tad obsessed with at the moment.

Only a little obsessed. Just a teensy, tiny bit.

Okay, actually quite a lot.


Kalafina is a name that will probably be recognized by many anime fans. Which is hardly surprising, considering the band was entirely formed with the purpose of performing songs for anime.

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Caucus Race: Revisiting the World of Pandora Hearts


I’m currently embarking on a bit of a nostalgia spree, rediscovering old manga I loved in my teens. In the midst of this I’ve fallen hopelessly back in love with Jun Mochizuki’s Pandora Hearts, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being sucked back in to the world of this gothic masterpiece. Reuniting with the characters and reliving all the laughs, the tears and twists has reminded me exactly why I loved this series so much, and I devoured all 24 volumes even more eagerly than I did the first time round.

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Change Of Name

Hey guys, as you’ve probably already noticed I’ve recently changed the name of this blog. I wanted a title that sounded a little snappier and better reflected me and this blog, so after much agonizing I’ve settled on Manga Addict Alice.

That’s not to say that I’ll only be bringing you manga reviews however. I’ll still be writing about anime, movies, fantasy fiction and other topics – I just can’t deny that manga is my primary obsession.

Anyway I look foward to bringing you new posts very soon, so do stay tuned!

Photos of the Pandora Hearts x Vanitas no Carte Collaboration Artbook


So after a months wait I was delighted to receive my copy of the PH x VnC Collaboration Artbook in the post last week! For those who aren’t aware, this artbook is currently on limited release as merchandise for the Pandora Hearts x Vanitas no Carte collaboration cafe that’s currently running in Japan. It’s an adordable little artbook which I’m so glad I invested in, and I thought I’d give other fans a peek at what’s inside!

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